New Restaurants

It seems as soon as my list of new places to try is whittled down to a reasonable number, I hear about another handful of restaurants opening in Greenville and it just keeps on going.  Such is life in a town with so much great food!  My latest sampling was Greektown Grille in McBee Station.  I did not get to dine in, but when my boss said she was running over for a quick bite after the gym, I asked her to grab a few appetizers for me to sample.  If the rest of the menu is even close to my appetizers, this place is outstanding!  I tried the Dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with lamb and rice topped with a lemon sauce) and of course the Tzatziki and Pita.  The pita was freshly made and very tender and the tzatziki had just the right garlic punch.  My boss had the classic Gyro and said it was delicious.  I’m looking forward to going back for dinner and am excited about another family (read: toddler) friendly restaurant with “real food”.

Other family favorites in our house are Local Taco on Augusta and Groucho’s on Coffee Street.  Both are consistently good and we don’t mind being the loudest table in the place.  Next up on my list of new places to try is American Roadside on McBee.  Anyone other new places that should definitely go on our list?  Family friend or date night only?  Or what are some of favorite places in general?  I always love to get new ideas because even this family eats out from time to time.

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