After more than one friend asked me about offering cooking classes, I finally took the hint.  I started with a few classes on baking, braising, and roasting and got a great response.  I realized it was time to make this gig official.  So here we are, my first blog post on my website.  I think I’m finally done with it, yet every time I come back, I see something else I can tweak.

Take a look around at the upcoming classes for May.  June classes will be announced soon.  The home page has a gallery of dishes I’ve prepared – both for classes and for our family.  I knew all those gratuitous dinner pictures in my Instagram feed would be useful one day!  You can learn more about what to expect or more about me.  You can even follow Wild Abandon Kitchen on Facebook as well.

Also if you’re feeling geeky like me, let me know how this page is working on your device.  I have only viewed it on a few devices, but would be curious how it’s functioning for all of you.  Feel free to keep in touch with the Newsletter or by following this blog even.  I’m sure it will become a place to share pictures from classes, new recipes, stories, other fun things going on in our little town, and anything else food or family related that piques my interest.

Last geeky question, I promise.  I added a few social media buttons on the left over there to make it easy to find us on your favorite outlets.  Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are my personal favs, but do we have any Twitter or Tumblr folks out there?  I’ve held out on them for this long, so I made need some convincing.

Thanks for stopping in.  Say “Hi” if you’re feeling bold.  Lurkers are welcome too, of course.

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