Strawberry Season

Let the spring and summer berry season begin! Yesterday, our family enjoyed a beautiful morning picking strawberries at Stewart Farms in Gray Court. Our daughter started out strong as she excitedly search for the red ones, but quickly realized she could just sit down and eat some for a delicious morning snack instead. We picked two baskets full and headed home with the scent of warm strawberries filling the car. I washed and froze a bag for smoothies, but the remainder are still sitting on my counter. Tonight we had them sliced with snickerdoodle cookies for dessert, but I think a strawberry cream pie is also in order. I will use them in Tuesday night’s class in the Orange Mascarpone Crepes. Maybe we’ll even add them to the Buttermilk Scones. I grew up eating my mom’s outrageously delicious strawberry rhubarb pie and that’s always a winner. What are your favorite strawberry recipes now that I have two baskets begging to be put to work?





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