Kitchen Goodies

There are many kitchen stores that only take a quick glance to know I can walk right on by.  I’m not much of a gadget girl and I don’t do much with froo froo ingredients or garnishes.  Although I do enjoy a good kitchen tool to make my job easier or some pantry ingredients that I just can’t find at the grocery store.  I have plans to add a Pantry Basics section to this site and possibly a Shopping List of my most used and loved kitchen items.  Many of these tips are shared during my classes as we use ingredients and tools, but it would be fun to have a source for all of them right here online.  For now, I just wanted to share one of my favorite local spots for hard to find ingredients and practical kitchen tools.  Chef-owned Kitchen Arts & Pottery is downtown in McBee Station next to Publix.  Chef Liz is always ready with a cup of tea or coffee, great gift ideas, or just the chance to talk shop so to speak.  She has a selection of vinegars I really enjoy, the elusive forbidden rice and farro I can’t find anywhere else, and great baking tools like French rolling pins and shaped cutters.  She also trusted me with helping her create her shop website and I’m thrilled to say we both love how it turned out!  She’s on Facebook and now has her own website, so don’t be shy.  Oooh, and today she’s offering a 20% off birthday discount!

Another fun local spot on my list – Palmetto Olive Oil Company.  I hear they do tastings and you can plan a group event and bring your own appetizers and wine to add to the fun.  I’m hoping to plan a night with friends soon.  Anyone else go yet?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

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