Fresh Fish

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about how some of the best dishes are the ones that don’t call for much embellishment.  Good quality ingredients don’t need many extras.  Last week we catfishhad the opportunity to eat one of those dishes and it was such a fun treat while we spent time enjoying my parents’ new home.  They now live on several acres including a fishing pond.  And as Jason discovered, a very well stocked fishing pond.  The first day he caught a catfish and we made quick work of it.  While I have fileted many fish over the years, I have never actually cleaned one fresh out of the water.  Thankfully Dad stepped in for that part and I got to work cooking it.  With a quick pass through some seasoned flour, then egg wash, and then seasoned cornmeal, I shallow fried it and seasoned with salt just as it came out of the pan.  I have to say it doesn’t get much fresher than cooking it straight from your own pond.  The taste was light, sweet, and fresh.

bassLater that week, Jason squeezed in more time by the pond and came up with nine small pumpkin fish and a few bass.  They were delicate and small, so I opted for a little seasoned flour and straight into a saute pan with butter.  We ate them whole and we can’t wait for our next visit and some more fresh fish.


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